Visualize Your Marketing Success And Build Your Business

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Do you ever imagine yourself lying on a beach enjoying the sun or hiking in the most beautiful forest imaginable, or spending the holidays relaxing and sharing good times with your family and friends? We all daydream and picture ourselves in places we would like to go or doing things we enjoy, but can that daydreaming bring us success in business?

What do you do next if you want to make your daydream a reality? When you want to take a vacation you start by thinking about where you want to go. You look at pictures, you surf the net and you see yourself in that place. You reserve your hotel, you buy your plane tickets, mark you calendar and dream of the day you will leave. When the date arrives you head off to enjoy all of your daydreaming and planning.

We hear all the time how athletes do this before any game or competition. They imagine themselves sinking that 3-point basket from half court or sinking a "hole in one." As they prepare, they see themselves doing each move to perfection and then standing in front of the crowd with their trophy or a medal around their necks.

Visualization may apply to planning a great vacation and to winning athletic competitions. But can it help you succeed in business? Yes, I believe it can.

Did you hear about the Harvard Business School study where recent graduates were asked to write down their goals and then surveyed ten years later? The result of visualizing their success and writing down their goals was incredible. Graduates who had clear goals in mind were making two to ten times more money as their classmates who did not visualize or write down their goals. Well according to some this is a true story and according to others it is totally false. Either way, it does make sense that what we concentrate on most will manifest. Because as the saying goes, "be careful what you wish for, as it just might happen" can very well be the most powerful statement yet.

You probably have heard about "The Secret" and the powers of the Law of Attraction. Visualize it, feel it as if you have what you want, and before you know it, it shall be yours. True to some, hearsay to others, but isn't it better to concentrate and "see" the positive things you want to happen in your life than the negatives.

I say "YES" absolutely...YES!

So why not put this strategy to work; do some "daydreaming." Picture yourself there, feel yourself having it, engage yourself in the power of as if it were happening now.

Your Goals

Create a vivid image in your mind of what success means to you. Write down the answers to the following questions about your image of success:

• What will you be doing with your time?
• Who will your clients and customers be?
• How many clients and customers will you have?
• How much money will you be making?
• How much can you afford to give to your favorite cause(s)?
• What will your lifestyle be?

Your Objectives

You will need to identify a few specific marketing goals:

1. How many clients or customers do you want or will you need to be working with each month?
2. How many new clients do you want to add per month in order to bring in new clients?
3. How many prospects do you want to target each month?
4. How will you find them?

Your Marketing Strategy

You need a plan. Most small businesses owners struggle with this and don't make a plan other than wanting their plan to be to make a lot of money. Making money is great, but how? Begin by asking yourself:

• What can I do to attract attention and prompt interest by potential customers?
• What can I do to increase the number of qualified leads I generate each month?
• How can I build the credibility of my company so customers will trust that we will deliver?
• How can I ensure they remember my company when they have a need and are ready to buy?
• What are the decisions potential customers need to make to become clients?

Your Marketing Tasks

Just having a marketing message, or an advertising campaign or a web site does not ensure you of anything. Each of these needs to achieve the specific goals and objectives that you have set. The best way to evaluate these efforts is from your prospects perspective. Ask yourself these questions:

1. What are my prospects concerns?

2. Are my marketing messages interesting to potential customers?

3. What would my response be to my own marketing calls?

4. Without mentioning the name of my business, its credentials or products, is what I provide clear to potential customers?

5. What do I want people to do when they visit my web site?

Just visualizing your success will not get you there over night, but it is an effective way to begin planning and seeing the big picture of what you can accomplish. Determine your marketing goals, your strategy, your objectives, and the tasks from this big picture and you will create a plan that will lead you to success.

Visualizing is VERY important, BUT writing down your goals is the key! By putting them down on paper, you will be giving your subconscious a clear vision of what you are wanting to accomplish and putting it out to the Universe. By visualizing it, writing it down and believing that you can accomplish your goals, the Laws of Attraction will take over, and anything is possible. Spend about 15 minutes each morning and about 15 minutes each evening "daydreaming" and seeing yourself in whatever place you want to be. Think it, believe it, live it.

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Visualize Your Marketing Success And Build Your Business

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This article was published on 2010/03/30