Set a Goal to Set Your Goals!

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Have you done it yet?

Have you set your goals? Have you written them down? Why not?

How many times over the years have you heard about "goal setting." Don't even try to count... I know it will be lots. But if you haven't done anything about it yet, why not?

Is it because...

You don't believe it works
Don't think you can do it/don't know how to do it
You think it's all hype
You're afraid of committing to paper what you want
Maybe you don't know what you want!

Why do you think goal setting is such a repeated message by successful people...why do you think the top motivational speakers around the world include goal setting in their sessions... they don't say it for fun, they say it because it works and is immensely powerful once put into action.

Some of the things you can expect to experience once you have a specific goals plan in place are:

Increased focus and clarity
Increased energy
Higher levels of motivation
Greater self confidence
Ability to take action

All these things and more bring a wonderful sense of fulfillment and joy knowing you are on your way to achieving success.

So how do you go about setting goals?

Well... that's a whole book in itself! But in a nutshell...

Find a quiet space where you won't be disturbed, sit with a notebook and pen and write down every positive thing that you want to be, do or have. Don't hold back, don't judge and don't stop until you run out of ideas. Go ahead, write down your biggest, wildest, craziest, smallest, silliest ideas. Just let your mind run free. You can go through the list afterwards and discount what you don't want, but for now ... just let go!

If you have been living a "settled for" lifestyle or you've lost faith in your future... then there's no denying that you may find this task difficult at first. The key is to persevere, don't give up and as you do this your motivation, your hope and your energy will increase and doors will open that you didn't even know existed before.

Once you have your list, it's then time to go through it. Pick out your strongest goals and write them down separately. You should have short, medium and long term. From these you can formulate a plan of action and start putting achievement dates on the goals.

Your goals and dreams plan should be read EVERY DAY without fail. Also pick your top 3 goals and write them on a small card, keep it in your wallet and look at it frequently, to remind yourself of what you want. Then go out there and get it!

This is just a brief overview on the huge, exciting and powerful subject of goal setting.

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Set a Goal to Set Your Goals!

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This article was published on 2010/03/30