Live Your Goal

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Live Your Goal

Life is prcious,but short and we have to go many miles.

Life without a goal is just like a ship without a cpatain.

We should set goals in our lives and try to live with them.

Then we will develop the need to acheive our goal.


Goal in life is like a light house on the sea shore.

Goals show us the direction and we move forward and reach them.

Goals make our lives smoother,harmonious and beautiful.

Goal setting helps an individual to flush out unnecessary thought processes.


By setting a goal in life the mental pool becomes clear and pure.

In that mental pool the individual sees the full moon with all it's brilliance.

The mind is filled with positive vibrations and universal forces.

The individual is encouraged and enthused and does his work perfectly and sincerely.


Once the goal is set it acts like a command to the universe.

Then the universe responds to our command.

The energy from the universe flows within us.

Where ever we are and what ever we do we feel a vibrant goal oriented energy within us.


Goals are parameters to judge our potential and improve it in multiples.

We will feel elevated all the time with out frustrations and despair.

Goals shape our minds and fill them with all endeavour and enthusiasm.

They enliven the dormant energy within us and we become energetic.


Mind becomes sharper,focussed and one pointed.

We should be firm like a mountain to live our goals.

Then we will be able to overcome all the obstacles and hurdles on our path.

Goals give us strength,courage and make our mind tuned.


To live our goal we should convert them in to actions.

Having big goals in life we will think big.

Life will become smoother,finer and beautiful.

With confident steps we will move on the path of success.


We will not care for silly and mundane roamings of the mind.

We will have a praiseworthy personality in which we will rest.

To set a clear goal we should wed to the self within and go beyound body,mind and intellect.

Then we will gather power and potentialities and definitely we will reach our goals.



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Live Your Goal

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This article was published on 2011/01/11