Keys to Finding Your Passion

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Finding your passion can be difficult and frustrating at times because you have so many things to think over and discover about yourself, it may take some time to determine what you want out of life.

In order to reach your goal and find out what your passion is, you should break your journey down into achievable steps. The first goal you have to establish is where you are going and what do you want to achieve. You must be honest and realistic with yourself when figuring this out. In order to set realistic and honest goals you need to know your strengths and weaknesses. You should determine your limitations and not set yourself up for failure by making goals you know you will never be able to attain.

Once you have defined your goals, you can begin to plan a course of action. First start by reviewing your goals and see if you can attain those goals by staying in your current situation or career path. If you determine that you cannot reach your goals by remaining in your current situation, then your choice is clear that you must move on. Just getting to this point is where many people stop, they get comfortable in their current situation and are too scared to make a change even though they may be miserable and will never achieve their true passion.

Sometimes you too may get to this point and quit moving forward and working toward your goals. When this happens, you need to stop and get your mind back to the point when you stopped making progress toward your goal and reevaluate your goals. At this point, go back through the first steps and you may have to adjust your goals. Your passions may have shifted. This is OK, as we grow older and our environment changes we can change as well. When you were younger, a million dollars may have been your passion, but after 2 kids and some more years you may realize that more family time is your passion even if that means less money. Simply go through the exercise again and determine your new passion and set goals to attain it.

If you get off track or have never set goals like this, it is never too late. No matter what your age or current situation, you too can live a passionate life. It simply takes action and being truly honest and realistic with yourself.

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Keys to Finding Your Passion

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This article was published on 2010/03/27