Goals Lead to Success

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So much has been written about goal setting. My favorite is Zig Ziglar who says "A goal well set is half way achieved." Goal setting is one of the most natural things that we do as humans. We don't move from place to place without a goal. But most people don't fully harness the power of it.

From my experience, there is a magic in setting goals. Especially when they are written goals, because writing clarifies your thoughts. Committing to something that you are passionate about, short term or long term, sets your sub-conscious mind to work on achieving this desired new reality. You find yourself coming up with inspirations on how to move you forward. Also, you will find yourself unexpectedly doing things that move you towards your goal.

I've been setting goals for 20 years. And I have achieved many of my goals, despite myself. What I have learned is that you will hit many of your goals as long as you take the step of deciding what it is that you want. However, you will hit all of your goals with CERTAINTY and also much quicker if you have an action plan to:

1) provide solutions to all obstacles that stand in your way

2) have daily actionable steps to accomplish your solutions

3) set time frames on what gets done by when

Setting goals is the first and most important step towards any achievement. The action steps and the action itself are the catalyst to turn the goal, which is inert, into something which is dynamic.

If you find that you are a planner, like me, but the steps don't seem to get done, I would recommend that you find an accountability partner to help. That way you can commit daily or weekly to someone besides yourself on what steps you will accomplish. This simple action can greatly accelerate your success because it keeps the action part of the process in your conscious mind.

Until next time, my best wishes for the accomplishment of all of your goals.

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Goals Lead to Success

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This article was published on 2010/03/31