Goals - 4 Rules For Goal Achievement

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TIATD - Tie Its Accomplishment To a Dream: Be sure to tie your goal achievement to your dream. You must have a strong reason why. When the tasks become hard and the pressure is on you will need something to make you keep on going.That is where the dream comes in. Make sure that you have a goal that gives you your dream once you achieve the goal.

GC - Use Goal Cards: Write your goals down on a few 4x5 index cards. Carry them around with you and look at them throughout the day. Doing so will etch your goal into your mind. You will increase your ability to keep focused on your main objectives. One of the biggest reasons people quit is because they forget what they where going after. Goal cards help you center your thoughts on what you are attempting to accomplish. You stand a much better chance of hitting your goals if they are always on your mind.

SPA - Speak Positive Affirmations: At every opportunity speak about your goals in a positive way. Speak positive affirmations to yourself throughout the day. See yourself succeeding. Accentuate the positive. Only talk and think in a plosive manner about your goals. When you speak in a positive manner you are programming your mind for success. You tend to get what you talk about and think about. Positive affirmations will provide you with the proper mindset to hit your goals.

DGU - Don't Give Up: Keep on striving to hit your goals no matter how tough it gets. When you feel like quitting take one more step and after that take another. Winning is a habit. So is quitting. Become a finisher. Anyone can start, but it takes a true winner to start and finish. Discipline yourself to finish what you started. You will be happy you did. Sometimes you may not succeed to the degree that you imagined you would, but you will gain a tremendous amount of confidence and skill when you refuse to give up. Successful goal achievement comes to those who persist.

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Goals - 4 Rules For Goal Achievement

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This article was published on 2010/04/03