Goal Setting For Real Estate Investors

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I wanted to take the time this month to write an article about goal setting. I know most people think that the only time to set goals is the beginning of the year. That is totally not the case but that's just the procrastination in us. My thoughts on goals are a little bit different than most people. I think goals are great you should set long term and short term goals but I don't think they will do you much good if that's all you do.

In my opinion you need to have long term goals. Let's say 10 year goals. Where do you want to be in 10 years? These goals should be fairly broad goals

You should then set 5 year goals. These should be goals that are directly related to your 5 year goals. The next step is setting 1 year goals these are all the things that you want to accomplish in a one year time frame. These goals should be directly related to your 5 and 10 year goals. Almost like stepping stones to get you to those big goals.

The most important part is then breaking down your 1 year goals into monthly goals; this will do several things it will help break down those big large numbers into something that is more achievable. If you see those large goals it may over whelm you subconsciously and you may not think you can actually do those things.

When you're breaking down your goal, think of it like a road map or stepping stones you want to break those goals down so you have a step by step map to achieve those goals. You want a clear path so you know exactly what you will need to work on to achieve them, so you're not shooting into the dark like most people.

If you set up your goals this way you will get so much more accomplished. I even take it step further and I will take my monthly goals and print them out and hang them in my office so I see them everyday. I will use them to plan out my week. I will look at my monthly goals as

I'm planning out my day so I make sure I know what I have to do to hit my weekly and monthly goals and stay on track.

I know this seems like a lot of work and I know most people won't do it but I can guarantee that if you do take the time to do this you will be amazed how much more you will get done and also you will make a lot more money since you will be focused.

I wanted to include some goal setting exercises in this newsletter please take the time right now to work on your goals

Step #1- Write out your 10-year goals
Step #2- Write out your 5-year goals
Step #3- Write out your 1-year Goals
Step #4- Break down your one year goals into monthly goals
Step #5- Break monthly goals into weekly goals and put them on your schedule to accomplish.

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Goal Setting For Real Estate Investors

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This article was published on 2010/03/30