Dreams Or Goals?

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Many of us have big dreams and high aspirations; there is nothing wrong with this. If no one ever dreamt big we wouldn't have people like Donald Trump. Trump himself has said "As long as you're going to be thinking anyway, think big."

In order to even gain a quarter of Trump's success you must set high goals and aim for a better lifestyle, although, you must realize the difference between a goal and a dream. A day dream explained by psychologist Eric Klinger "is a visionary fantasy experienced while awake, especially one of happy, pleasant thoughts, hopes or ambitions." The key term is FANTASY. A day dream is only that, a dream, it has no base and no means of actualization. Day dreaming will lead you away from being aware of your surroundings. This kind of thought will lead you down a path of disappointment because when you are not aware of the world around you, you will have no idea how to conquer it.

Well you may then say "When I daydream they are things I really want!" There is nothing wrong with that. You can and should desire to live the lifestyle you desire. But you also must realize that simply signing up as a representative will not make you a desired $50,000 a month. If your lifestyle choice requires you to make that much you must realize your goals to get there. Thinking of the car, home, or TV you could purchase on that budget is not the goal but it is motivation.

Using that motivation set incremental goals starting from the top. No matter how motivated you are this will help you be realistic and avoid the discouragement that causes so many network marketers to quit. So start with you main goal: $50k a month. When do you want it by? The shorter the main goal the harder you will have to work to get it i.e. if you want $50k in six months it will require twice the amount of work as to making $50k in twelve months. Now break down that goal as to how much money you will make each month leading up to your main objective. This will keep you on task and allow you to adjust your work ethic each month depending on how close you are to your monthly financial goal.

Now that you have broken down your finical goals and set out a time line you now need to figure out what will get you to each of those monthly goals. For example if your next month's goal is to make $4,000 and to do so you need to sign up 6 reps and sell 30 points worth of product or services then this is your monthly goal. Now 6 new reps are not going to magically appear. You need to present your opportunity on a daily basis to as many people you think necessary so that you obtain the six reps, but to at least one person a day 5 days a week. Also determine who you will be selling your product or services to; 5 points need to be sold a week. So now you have your weekly goals: 1 presentation a day, 5 points of product or service sold during the week.

Review your goals on a weekly basis and analyze where you stand. By breaking down your goals based upon your motivation you will be able to better stay focused and achieve your dreams.

Remember your goals must have an end date and must be measurable. In this manner you can take your dreams turn it into motivation be successful. Your dreams are real and you want them. Don't let anyone take your dreams away but you must be strong and work hard to obtain them. Dale Carnegie has said "Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain - and most fools do." Don't be a fool and don't let fools strip you of what you wish for your life and your family.

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Dreams Or Goals?

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This article was published on 2010/04/03