Body Building Motivation Techniques

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When you start to work towards any new goal, you need to decide right away what type of motivation techniques you are going to use. This will vary from person to person, so you need to find out what is right for you. There will be days where you do not want to exercise, eat right, or do anything else that is healthy for you. These are the times you are going to need your motivation techniques to keep you working towards your final goal of a fantastic body that you want to show off.

Here are a few suggestions.

Rewards - choose a small reward for each small step to accomplish. It's that can be something simple, such as sticking to your bodybuilding routine for a week or gaining an inch in your measurements. Or it can be a larger reward for a bigger goal, such as completing six months of a bodybuilding routine. Be careful not to make the goals too large before you receive some type of a reward, or it will be difficult to have it motivate you.

A vision board - vision boards are generally bulletin boards that have pictures on them of whatever your goal is. You could cut pictures out of magazines and post them on the board, or you could post pictures of whatever you have chosen as your rewards for meeting certain goals to be on your vision board. Whichever one will motivate you better is the one that you should choose. Keep a photograph of you at your worst to keep you motivated and moving towards your new goals and away from the past.

Books and CDs - an excellent motivation would be reading or listening to inspirational stories by people who have done amazing things. These do not have to be specifically for bodybuilding, but they can be for general motivational purposes. Visiting bodybuilding or fitness forums on the internet can be a great way of hearing other peoples stories which can give you some real motivation for success. Some people also find self hypnosis or meditation helps them focus on their goals.

The only two things that you should not use as rewards or motivators would be unhealthy foods or days off from your routine. Other than those two things, everything else should be fine. Unhealthy food is just like taking backwards steps. Keep yourself motivated towards your new goals and do not let yourself start slipping into old habits which will ultimately wreck your chances of building your perfect body.

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Body Building Motivation Techniques

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This article was published on 2010/04/01